Africa and The Middle East

Spa Culture

An ancient land that served as a pinnacle stop on the Silk Road, the Middle East is abundant in holistic wellness rituals adapted to its varying climates and layered with the diverse traditions and gifts of its worldly visitors. From opulent, aromatic oils and enriching fruits to traditional bathing therapies and ethereal influences, these enchanting treatments encapsulate the region’s exotic ambiance.
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Elements Unique to this Region
  • Frankincense Oil - Africa and The Middle East Spas

    Frankincense Oil

    Used by ancient Egyptians to honor the gods, Frankincense is celebrated for its stress-banishing benefits. It is also a natural astringent with regenerative properties that help to diminish blemishes, sunspots, scars, and stretch marks as well as reduce signs of aging. Moreover, the oil is renowned for easing muscular pain by promoting circulation to affected areas.
  • Rasul Therapy - Africa and The Middle East Spas

    Rasul Therapy

    Based on an Arabic ritual, Rasul therapy starts with the application of detoxifying, mineral-rich mud, which is activated by steam and heat in a Rasul room. Together, these relaxing elements soothe muscles, boost circulation, and soften skin.

  • Dates - Africa and The Middle East Spas


    A staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, dates are rich in iron, vitamins, minerals, and natural oils, and have been lauded for curing a litany of ills, including digestive issues, anemia, and allergies. In the spa setting, they are prized for their high concentration of vitamin B5, which rejuvenates and strengthens skin at the same time it combats signs of aging.
  • Hammam - Africa and The Middle East Spas


    Derived from the Arabic word meaning “heat,” hammams are among the oldest cleansing rituals in the world. Appropriated from Roman bathing traditions, they include a hot room, a warm intermediate room, and a cool room—and often comprise aggressive exfoliation performed by a therapist. Taken together, these steps detoxify the body and leave skin hydrated and silky smooth.
  • Sandalwood - Africa and The Middle East Spas


    Famous for its intoxicating scent and antimicrobial properties, sandalwood possesses a host of skin benefits. As an astringent, it balances oily skin and diminishes scarring. It also helps skin retain moisture, enhancing softness, while its mineral properties define it as anti-aging. Further, sandalwood is a natural antiseptic ideal for reducing inflammation.